The Libyan Constitutional Union is a political organisation opposed to the regime of the coup d'état, which brought Colonel Muammar Gaddafi to power in Libya on 1st September 1969.

The LCU was proclaimed in Manchester, England on 7th October 1981; the 30th anniversary of the Promulgation of Libya’s constitution

The aim of the LCU is to restore constitutional legitimacy to Libya and to re-establish the rule of law.

The LCU called upon the Libyan people to reiterate the pledge of allegiance to King Idris El-Senusi as historical leader of the Libyan people's struggle for independence and national unity, and rally around him as a symbol of legality for the nation.


The Libyan Constitutional Union emphasized the right of the Libyan people to restore justice and thereafter to decide such form of body politic and system of government as they may choose of their own free will in a referendum to be conducted under international supervision within a reasonable period following the restoration of constitutional legality to the nation.

After the death of King Idris in May 1983, the LCU called for the formation of a tentative national assembly to serve as a basis for future democratic institutions in Libya.

Since its inception the LCU has maintained that the illegitimate regime of Col. Gaddafi can only be effectively confronted by a united front standing on legally solid ground.  The only source of such legitimacy is the nation’s constitution, upon which basis the modern Libyan state gained independence by a United Nation resolution in 1951.  The LCU took Libya’s flag of independence as its banner and invited all Libyan opposition groupings to do the same.

For over three decades the LCU  strived to bring to an end the tyrannical regime that has ruled Libya with disastrous consequences since 1969.

The LCU supported the Libyan people’s uprising of February 2011 since its early hours. Members of the LCU were amongst the first to be present on international media, explaining its motives and aims, counter the regime’s propaganda machine and introduce it to world public opinion at large

The LCU tried to convince the National Transitional Council (NTC) and other politically active bodies through numerous public statements and open letters to reinstate the national constitution as a necessity of protecting the Libyan people from the inevitable downward spiral the country would be trapped in as a result of the political vacuum left behind by Gaddafi. The LCU took a conscious decision to take a step back when our warnings were not headed and the NTC announced its intention to adopt the "constitutional declaration"; which the LCU chairman described as an "inadequate document hastily patched up by unqualified individuals who lacked a popular mandate to bypass the nation's legitimate constitution".






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